Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas Internet and a merry New Year

So we seemed to have survived another Christmas, despite a raging flu-pandemic that has hit most of Ireland. So next up is New Years and the start of 2009 - a year many are predicting to be an economic free-fall, which it will possibly be. A lot of people who have spent the last few years in senior, management and professional careers are now seeing an opportunity to setup their own company. Also, the government has this new businss incentive for start-ups which should prove interesting.

The next step most people seem to take after coming up with the idea is to setup a new website. Having hindsight and experience, I would always advise setting up a website and SEO ahead of starting to trade. Once you're sure the business venture is a runner - set up the website without hesitation.

Websites need time and maturity to help them with SEO - setting up a website after you start trading gives you a slight disadvantage. There is nothing wrong with setting up a site before you're ready to trade - chances are nobody will find it for the first few months - but the longer the Search Engines Index your site, the easier it gets to optimise it!

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