Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saving money with O2

We recently moved to O2. We had several good reasons.

  1. Vodafone were costing us a fortune - up to €200 per user
  2. O2 have the iPhone
  3. Vodafone were costing us a fortune no matter what plan/add-on combo and they don't have the iPhone.
Ok so it's 2. And there is probably a million people to tell me that you could buy an iPhone and stay with Vodafone and another million to tell me that Vodafone is the same. We've tried every package and add-on and idea from Vodafone only to see the calls go up.

Well, it's not. And a lot of our business friends have higher costs. We moved to O2, got iphones for everyone for €50 and our bill is coming in at €90 per head. Ok, that's only after 2 months, to be fair, but it is a substantial drop.

My advice - whoever you're with - you could save money by moving simply because your existing network won't actually get you a better deal. They could look at your spend over the last 6 months and tell you which package would have cost you less but they won' we moved and we're delighted.

BTW - if you didn't know already- the iPhone rocks. It's more than a gadget. Its a necessity. The App store, accelerometer, browsing capabilities. Even people with the LG "iPhone killer" version readily admit the iPhone is a lot more intuitive, capable and feature packed.

What do you get:

  • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) with Google Maps
  • an iPod
  • YouTube
  • Touch Screen
  • Accelerometer (detects motion in the handset, like a Wii. Has Wii like games too)
  • Millions of apps to download

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