Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our new project for 2011

The Project
Our new project for 2011 is to take and analyse traffic source data from a number of websites with a combined pool of at least 100k - 1million visitors. This should be relatively easy as we manage sites with that level of traffic monthly.

The hashtag on twitter is #IrishTrafficSurvey.

We're doing this as a part "collaboration" with our sister WebCare (which builds and maintains Websites and Media for e-Commerce Clients). We'd also like to expand this to other online marketing companies to build a base from which we can measure the state and climate of the Irish Internet.

We're currently looking at traffic from websites in our Analytics accounts. This data will be compiled in proportion to each site (to give highs and lows) but will be kept anonymous. The data will be normalised and compiled and then made available to the public, but first we'll be sharing it with a select group of other online marketing observers.

If you'd like to be involved, please use the tag or contact us to add you to the list.

Here is how we will look at the data and how the data will be made available:

Data Criteria:

  • Source
    • We're using Google Analytics only
    • We're using Absolute Visits, not Unique
    • We may include Page Views
  • We're selecting all traffic from Irish Websites targeting the Irish market. Websites and domains targeting other Geo-locations are not included
  • We'd like to sort that information by Irish Traffic within it - but that isn't going to be as easy as it looks as it sounds
  • Data will be taken from Analytics
  • All websites will be selling online and taking payment online. Those that are close-to-online sales may be included but recorded separately for further analysis
  • All sites are Business to consumer
Data Segments
  • Search Engines (By Google and Other)
    • Google Organic
    • Google CPC
    • Other
  • E-Mail Marketing
    • Where Possible
    • Some Newsletter
  • Top Social Networking sites
    • We've identified these as common referrers
      • twitter
      • Facebook
      • Stumbleupon
      • Other Irish Forums
    • We'll also try to track the effort involved
    All of this is our "planned" Data List - we look forward to any comments, ideas and suggestions you may have!


    1. Just to clarify, this data will be made freely available at some point? Sounds like a good project all the same.

    2. @Keith Thank you

      @Paul Yes, we'll make it available via spreadsheet. Thank you!