Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our new startup - what I've been up to

This week we've started another new company - Webcare - and it will be based alongside Primary Position in the National Technology Park in Limerick.
For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with Business and Technology. My dad gave me an Epson HX-20 laptop PC when I was about 8 years old -  it was literally the first laptop PC on the market. It was dual 0.9Mhz (yip 0.9) processor and I taught myself to programme it by the age of 10.

I also setup my first my business as an IT Consultant in Cape Town in 1995 while I was studying a B.Comm degree. I dropped out after my second year and never looked back. In 1998 my family returned to Ireland and I went to work for Dell. What a fantastic job - a software engineer in the worlds biggest computer company - geek heaven on earth.

I went on to start another company in 2002 and invested in or directed several (or more) other startups that were later sold (not at huge profits mind you). For me, its the love of startups - I love being involved with them. Business and Technology.

In 2010, I teamed with my old friend and long time business Partner, James and with Gene. We'd worked together in Dell - James in Engineering and then Sales and Gene was Director of Engineering. I got on so well with them that we remained working together even after we'd all left.

From our background in building and developing web solutions for other companies, through

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