Thursday, September 30, 2010

Introducing - our next startup

Today I'm delighted to announce the start of our newest venture, WebCare - a complete website support and maintenance company in Ireland. WebCare will be based beside Primary Position in the National Technology Park in Limerick, where the first team is already setup and working.

We've been involved in the web space for a long time. In 1996 we developed our first website for a company in South Africa and its been go since then. Since then we've worked for over 500 companies, some of them are the biggest and best known in Ireland and we've kept professionally tight lipped about them all. But we're very proud of the work we've done nonetheless. The return comes through the many recommendations we get, even years later.

Throughout this time, we've come into contact with many businesses who have had websites designed - and are very happy with them - but need someone to help update and maintain the site. Image editing, replacing PDF's, editing content, adding pages - all that kind of work that many people just hate doing. Well, at WebCare - we love doing it!

I've known the co-founders since my days in DELL in Limerick. James has been a long term business partner and a great friend. He's also my best man at my upcoming wedding in December. Gene was director of Engineering and hugely capable. He's the most respected boss I've ever had and its a hugely satisfying to still be working with him 12 years on. Together, we have years of experience in providing customer focused services.

WebCare already has a comprehensive range of support and maintenance packages - but we want to grow the range of services and the way in which we deliver them - we're all about providing the best we can for our clients and look forward to hearing back from people in terms of what else we can offer them.

It's also great to be able to be involved in creating a new startup, especially in Limerick, where we all met and cut our teeth. Limerick is a great city, as good as any other, regardless of the media portray it. It's arguably the safest city I've lived in  - and I've lived in 3  (Cape Town and Dublin too). The people are great, the city is compact and easy to get around. The location is perfect - Cork, Galway, Tralee, Tipperary, Killarney, Dublin - all accessible within an hour to two hours.

And a massive thank you to everyone who has wished us well or is already working with us ( the hosting companies, the designers, the partner companies, the platform providers) - we've been so well recieved and it's only our first day! And welcome too to the new clients that have signed up with us - well, not so new maybe as many of them have been clients for years!

Thank you.

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