Thursday, March 5, 2009

While the EU, US and UK cut rates, taxes...

...we're too busy finding new ones or raising old ones. Raising new taxes, existing ones and VAT will dry up the spare money we have, contribute towards deflation (which sounds good but really, really isn't) will result in more domestic companies closing - particularly consumer related like food, retail, property and so on...Yet nothing is being done about economic stimulation. Training will not help. New jobs are not being created. We have too many solicitors, accountants, architects, IT professionals, teachers. And these are quite well educated people.

Actually the government has just confirmed my worst fear: apparently SME's can't help themselves - we need the councils to help (although they already have Enterprise Support): What a dire waste this will be.

Limerick Open Coffee Club was a great success. I met Tony Frattaroli, the Limerick Entrepreneur who went on to the Dragon's Den and shared the behind the scenes experiences of the grueling 1hr30's he spent discussing his ideas with the Dragon's as well some other insights we as an audience don't get to see. Tony is a dynamic, determined and self-motivated person - a perfect entrepeneur - just the type we need to be encouraging more of in Ireland.

We were appointed SEO to, which has a fluent Polish brokerage team (Ubezpieczenie samochodu).

We're also doing the SEO for accomplished beauty clinic,, who provide a range of treatments include skincare treaments, laser treatment and beauty treatments among others!

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  1. Well written piece. I was also at the LOCC and I too met Tony. He comes across as a very sincere and determined guy. Forgot to ask him though, does he deliver those pizzas to Mungret?