Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Post: Curious FBD ad

For some reason, FBD Insurance have this ad, which I spotted on the Limerick Leader website. I found this quite curious. They're trying to advertise a fast motor insurance quotation service - which hardly sounds unique given that this has been around for years but, anyway, they've used a speedometer clearly racing up and down to the maximum possible speed (120) in Ireland to demonstrate this. This sends a worrying unclear message given the change in attitude to driving fast. Also, driving at 120km/h is only possible on a handful of motorways in Dublin.

Also, even more curious, is that FBD refused me a quotation on my safety-loaded SAAB because it's a HPV. Since when is the size of a car's engine a basis for safety? My car has 6 breaks on 4-discs with ultra-wide tyres. Keeping within the legal and safe speed limits this gives me a huge advantage over smaller cars with cheaper to replace narrow tyres and inferior drum and disk shoe breaking setups.

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  1. Hi Dave

    Firstly, I'm sorry that we couldn't give you a quote for your car. Unfortunately we tend not to insure high-performance vehicles.

    Fair point you make about the speedometer. We are using it really as a metaphor that people would associate readily with their car. As you can imagine, we're certainly not encouraging people to drive or accelerate at the speeds indicated on the clock.

    As far as the quick quote is concerned, I do believe it is something worth telling people about. I believe we are offering one of the fastest quotes in the Irish market. By answering the 7 questions on the first screen you'll get a quote that in 80% of cases is the same as the one you'll get after you've completed the full quote. The idea being, that we don't want to waste our customers' time if the price just isn't in the ballpark for them.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post and sorry again that we couldn't give you a quote on this occasion.